Clowns and snakes certainly are terrifying, as is being confined in a crawl space or mauled by zombies, however, despite the existence of all these horrifying abominations America’s number one fear remains public speaking. Why is public speaking so terrifying? Why is it that when we are asked to speak in front of an audience […]

Creativity and the Education System

By Saurav Hossain 18’ Creativity, defined as the process of having original ideas that have value, is something that escapes the education system around the world. Counterintuitive to what one might think about the “modern” education system, it still retains a hierarchy in the subjects that are taught. Growing up in a third world country […]

Strengthening Family Dynamic

By Saurav Hossain ‘18 As New Yorkers, living our busy lives, we tend to forget about what is most important-our family. Many of us tend to simply live our lives separately and become disjointed from our family. We create an atmosphere where we live in a shell and do not share many of our personal life […]

How Can You Improve Your Mental Health?

By Saurav Hossain 18’ Approximately 20 percent of teenagers experience depression before they reach adulthood, and between 10 to 15 percent suffer from symptoms at any instance. Since depression is a mental illness, it is quite tough to understand. A major source of confusion is the difference between having depression and being depressed. Almost everyone feels […]

APs, a High School Essential

By Saurav Hossain ‘18 From the very beginning of September, the fear of AP tests sets in. Many students already have the Barron’s book for their specific AP, or a review book of some kind. Although many of us plan to study and prepare months before the big day, this lengthy period of studying seems both eternal and momentary depending […]

How Commute Affects a Student’s Life

By Saurav Hossain ‘18 We all hate the long, crowded train rides in the morning. Even more so because many of us leave very early just to make it to class on time.Train rides are worsened by delays due to track fires and signal malfunctions. Perhaps, the worst part of the arduous commute is the overcrowded trains where people are […]