By Vivian Fung Masquerade Ball, Disney World, prom, and graduation are all words associated with senior year. While some students are already experiencing senioritis, others are working hard on their college applications. The fun senior events don’t begin until the dreaded college applications are over. Unfortunately,the college process can’t beRead More →

By Esther Wen College Prep is one of the many majors offered here at Brooklyn Tech. However, its connotation is not always positive. Most students usually associate this major with low grades and slackers. Unlike the other majors offered at Brooklyn Tech, the College Prep major does not require specificRead More →

By River Bunkley If one could describe the Engineer’s 2012-2013 football season in one word, it would be exceptional. Finishing the season with a 7-3 record, this year’s team far exceeded the expectations of many. Under the leadership of Coach Kyle Mckenna, the football team has performed better than theyRead More →

By Muhamed E. Rahman James Gales ’13, Thomas Plonski ’13, and Kyvaune Brammer ’13 are three names that probably sound familiar to the average Tech student. It has been three years since these superstars walked through the doors of Coach McKenna’s office with their medical forms in hand. None ofRead More →

By Maria Sawiris and Mahgul Mansoor Given Brooklyn Tech’s intense workload and advanced classes, it is no surprise that many of its students complain about sleep deprivation. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% of high school students get an insufficient amount of sleepRead More →