The Effects of Sandy on the First Extended-Marking Period

By Razia Sultana Last May, the School Leadership Team (SLT) voted to discard the old, six-marking period cycle in favor of a new, four-marking period one. The change passed with an 89.6% majority. With the start of the new school year, Tech said goodbye to the old system of six marking periods and began grading […]

Hundreds of People Calling Tech Home After Hurricane Sandy

By Dakota An The elevators were down, the basement was stacked with boxes of food, and the 7th and 8th floors were full of cots filled with strangers. While the rest of New York tried to return to a state of normalcy, students of Brooklyn Tech returned to school to realize they were not alone. […]

Student Keeps Endangered Language Alive

By Cale Donaldson Before freshmen arrive at Tech, they must choose a foreign language to study for at least three years in high school. Their options include Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Italian. Julio D’Orville ’13 can read, write, and speak Occitan, the rare Romance language of the Occitanian region, which covers parts of Southern France, […]

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