Tech Takes Actions to Save Lives

Peter Choi ’18 Would you know what to do if your friend, child, or a stranger went into cardiac arrest? Calling 911 would undoubtedly be your primary goal, but before medical professionals arrive, performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) would greatly increase the chance of survival of the victim. On Friday, February 17, Brooklyn Technical High School […]

Tech’s Winning App-Illustria

Annie Li ’18 This February, a team of students from Brooklyn Technical High School participated in the Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge. This is a nationwide challenge open to middle school and high school students, where participating teams create an app that solves a problem in their community. According to, 1200 students submitted apps […]

Brooklyn Tech Track & Field Team Dominate At Brooklyn Borough Championships

Both boys and girls teams swept boroughs and won their respective championships this past weekend on February 12th. The team competed against other Brooklyn high schools at The Armory Track & Field Center in Manhattan. It was an exciting morning of fast times and team work. The boy’s team dominated the 1600m run with Evan Sherman […]

Brooklyn Tech Advances To Poetry Out Loud’s New York State Competition

Senior Ashley Yan from the Law and Society major wins the Poetry Out Loud regional competition after winning the school wide competition that took place January 4th.    She won her class competition and advanced to the school wide competition. Ashley is in Mr. Schott’s AP Literature class. Mr. Schott is the coordinator of Poetry […]

College Applications Process

By Alex Chan ’18 College applications seem so far off, but in just a few months, the college application season will begin and you will get overwhelmed with work. Each college requires its own application. While you fill out applications to different schools, you will realize each school wants to see different aspects of you. Essentially, you […]

Say “No” to Censorship

by Arianna Sarjoo Censorship is the deliberate suppression of free speech. The term is well known but not well accepted in the writing and media communities, as it should not be. It involves withholding information from the public because someone of some higher power happened to consider it “inappropriate” for their cause. Some may argue that the […]

Adult Coloring Books

By Rose Chen Adult coloring books are far from novel at this point. Introduced in the 1960s, they have been around ever since. Until recently however, the books accrued much criticism. The first books were propaganda-motivated and mocking in theme. Published in 1962, The New Frontier Coloring Book, for instance, criticized the government’s lack of […]

Participation Grades

by Jasmine Vohra and Heyam Muflahi Participation grades are designed to reflect a student’s engagement in class—but do they do so accurately? Those who retain the most amount of knowledge might very well have a learning style that doesn’t adhere to the participation standards. Taking thorough notes and listening intently to others proves to be the […]

Shakespeare Recitation Contest

Shakespeare Recitation Contest

RKim’17 With strong emotion and jaw dropping performances, Brooklyn Tech’s 2017 Pearl Mayefsky Shakespeare Recitation Contest definitely shined light to the art and understanding behind Shakespeare and his work.  Students from all grades prepared a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays, and the participating students captivated the audience as they transformed into one of the […]

Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

MPalminteri’20 Many of us find ourselves feeling blue, lazy, bored, or even lost after the holidays. As the high of the holidays has long since faded away, winter has set in, leaving us often opting to stay inside our homes. The list below will cure those winter blues and leave you craving more cold weather. […]

Vacations: We All Need Them

Vacations: We All Need Them

By Alex Chan ‘18 Vacations are something that we all look forward to all year long. Mostly because most of us go to school everyday taking in new material every single day, studying for tests, stressing about an assignment, or somewhere along those lines. However, vacations can also impact our lives negatively, believe it or […]

Ed Sheeran’s Divide

Ed Sheeran’s Divide

RKim’17 After a year-long hiatus, Ed Sheeran has returned with two new singles for fans to listen to. On December 13th, 2015, Ed Sheeran announced on social media that he would be taking a break from all of his online accounts, stating, “…I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes […]