Devos Set to Demolish Quality Education

by Rose Chen It’s official, Betsy Devos has taken her seat as the Secretary of Education. Waves of demonstrations, hundreds of letters and the future of education could not convince one more Republican to stand against the unqualified billionaire.   While every one of the president’s nominees have faced opposition of some sort, Devos is […]

Dieting and Weight Loss

By Alex Chan ‘18 Dieting is commonly known as the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion. Dieting is usually practiced to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. A popular practice indeed, however if done incorrectly, can result in frustrating results. Thus, it may result in an undesired change or no change at all. Although it […]

Technology, Not Always the Answer

by Arianna Sarjoo We have created a communication gap within our society, and unfortunately our phones cannot fix this problem. Today, reaching out to others may be the easiest task one can do, especially with the aid of cellphones, those special little devices that have rapidly weaseled their way into our lives. However, this new-found availability […]

Students get Ready for the New AP Computer Science Principles Exam

  Peter Choi ’19 In 2016, Brooklyn Technical High School implemented the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles (APCSP) course that replaced Digital Electronics (DE). Many students have been strong advocates of the change suggesting that the new course involves a great deal of creativity and implementing the thought process into bits and numbers. However, there […]

The Annual AMC comes to Tech

Annie Li ’18 The Mathematical Association of America’s AMC is an annual math test that serves as one of the first of four stages that leads to the International Mathematical Olympiad, the IMO. Those who receive scores in the top 5% on the AMC advance to the next round, which is the AIME. Six final […]

Brooklyn Tech Boy’s Wrestling Crowned City Champions

Brooklyn Tech Boy’s Wrestling Crowned City Champions

Akbar Haider’17 On February 16, 2017, Brooklyn Tech Boys Wrestling team walked in to Petrides Gym as the second seeded team and walked out as NYC PSAL Wrestling Champions. Despite facing a tough crowd, The Engineers were unfazed and determined. They put on an upsetting show for the crowd as they defeated Petrides 42-28. It […]

Tech Takes Actions to Save Lives

Peter Choi ’18 Would you know what to do if your friend, child, or a stranger went into cardiac arrest? Calling 911 would undoubtedly be your primary goal, but before medical professionals arrive, performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) would greatly increase the chance of survival of the victim. On Friday, February 17, Brooklyn Technical High School […]

Tech’s Winning App-Illustria

Annie Li ’18 This February, a team of students from Brooklyn Technical High School participated in the Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge. This is a nationwide challenge open to middle school and high school students, where participating teams create an app that solves a problem in their community. According to, 1200 students submitted apps […]

Brooklyn Tech Track & Field Team Dominate At Brooklyn Borough Championships

Both boys and girls teams swept boroughs and won their respective championships this past weekend on February 12th. The team competed against other Brooklyn high schools at The Armory Track & Field Center in Manhattan. It was an exciting morning of fast times and team work. The boy’s team dominated the 1600m run with Evan Sherman […]

Brooklyn Tech Advances To Poetry Out Loud’s New York State Competition

Senior Ashley Yan from the Law and Society major wins the Poetry Out Loud regional competition after winning the school wide competition that took place January 4th.    She won her class competition and advanced to the school wide competition. Ashley is in Mr. Schott’s AP Literature class. Mr. Schott is the coordinator of Poetry […]

College Applications Process

By Alex Chan ’18 College applications seem so far off, but in just a few months, the college application season will begin and you will get overwhelmed with work. Each college requires its own application. While you fill out applications to different schools, you will realize each school wants to see different aspects of you. Essentially, you […]

Say “No” to Censorship

by Arianna Sarjoo Censorship is the deliberate suppression of free speech. The term is well known but not well accepted in the writing and media communities, as it should not be. It involves withholding information from the public because someone of some higher power happened to consider it “inappropriate” for their cause. Some may argue that the […]