New York City: A New Epicenter For Protest Of The Presidency

by Alek Gozman ’18 After the results of the president election on November 8th, people all around the country have gathered together to protest the election of Donald Trump as president. The reasons for the protests range from abolishing the Electoral College to disputing the election results, to calls for the early impeachment of Donald […]

LIRR Derailment in Brooklyn

Alek Gozman ’18 On Wednesday, January 4th , the Long Island Rail Road train derailed. The derailment occurred in the Atlantic Terminal, injuring 103 people. Most of the injuries were minor, and no serious damage occurred. The crash occurred when the LIRR went over a bumper block, which is used to stop the train in case of an […]

Brooklyn Tech Admission- Time for a Change?

Every single Brooklyn Tech student remembers taking the SHSAT to get into this school. Each student remembers the mind-numbing three hour test he/she had to sit through just to be able to attend this school. And why shouldn’t each student applying to this school have to take such a difficult test? Brooklyn Tech is after […]

The Iowa Caucus- What Is It?

For those who do not yet know, the Iowa Caucus is this Monday, on February 1st. Most people know that the Iowa Caucus is an important part of the election cycle, however, few know what the Iowa Caucus, or a caucus in general, actually is. Let’s begin with the basics, a caucus, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, […]

Brooklyn Tech’s Unfair Treatment

Brooklyn Tech has always seemed like a very humble school. Whether it’s our disgusting bathrooms, our dirty cafeteria, or just the garbage that is in our hallways and staircases, Brooklyn Tech has never bragged about cleanliness. It has caused many students to use the phrase “Broken Tech.” Well now they are right to say so. […]