Amanda Tukaj

amanda tukajHaving begun her journey on The Survey during her junior year as a writer for the Editorials section, Amanda Tukaj ’15 has taken up the role of Editorials Editor this term. Hoping to pursue professional writing in the future, Amanda aspires to challenge other writers in her section to create articles that argue and question the issues that matter the most at our school.

In addition to being an avid reader and writer in her free time, this native-born Brooklynite also enjoys participating in political debates, learning about the cultures of other nations, and trying her hand at foreign languages. A speaker of English, Polish, and Spanish, Amanda is always open to learning more about the world at large. As a first generation American, she empathizes with the need to take advantage of all the opportunities given to her, and always attempts to view problems through multiple perspectives.

If you happen to spot Amanda in the hallway, you might notice that she is often lost in thought, but is always up for an insightful conversation. In fact, should you ever find yourself needing a person to chat about current events or history with, feel free to approach her. She’s certainly not as introverted as she seems!

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