The Choral Concert Review

The choral concert was the first of a trio of performances that Tech hosted. It was an incredible experience and everyone who watched it was captivated by an extremely talented advanced chorus. The beginning chorus was slightly underwhelming, but the classics like “Let It Snow” and the “Mozart Canon” were still enjoyable. The foreign language pieces were captivating and they brought the audience a sense of the culture and musical style of the countries that they came from.

When the women’s choir performed, things got really interesting. The chorus sang beautifully and it was as if they had decades of experience.  “L’Dor Vador” was a really impactful and powerful song and it left people speechless. “Dixit” was a pleasant surprise as well. The A Capella section was amazing. Martin Richards, the soloist for “Jingle Bells, gave a really emotional performance. Furthermore, holiday classics like “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” were sublime. 

The BTHS Chorus has been preparing this show since September. They have put in an incredible amount of dedication, effort, and interest into making this concert special. When Katerina Avvakumova (‘22) was asked about performing in the show, she states “I really enjoyed performing and being part of this huge music family at Tech, and I can’t wait for the next concert and the many that follow.” It was an intense process rehearsing for this concert because singers rehearsed for three hours after school for every day of the week before the concert. For freshman students, this was the very first winter concert of their four-year journey. In fact, many viewers were actually beginner music students who wanted to learn from this experience, gaining newfound understanding of the expectations they should meet.

  In conclusion, the choral concert was an excellent kickoff to the trilogy of winter performances. It contained everything a good show should contain: strong performers, excellent lighting, a great conductor, seasonal songs and timeless classics. This show was amazing and one can only look forward to the next two concerts.

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