Talent Show 2019 Bringing Tech Students Closer Together

This year’s talent show at Brooklyn Tech lived up to everyone’s grand expectations and more. Students’ talents included everything from singing, playing musical instruments, such as guitar, piano, drums, to dancing, performing magic tricks and rapping in Chinese. Everything went smoothly due to the administration and student government’s hard work on organizing the event. 


The singers were especially impressive. Sunehra Subah ‘20, Joanna and Quiann did mash-ups of different songs. Jarrin made a cover of “idontwannabeyou” by Billie Eilish and got a special shout out due to the close margin in the votes for the third place; she got 4th place. Everyone’s favorites like “Hallelujah”, “House of the Rising Sun” and “Rolling in the Deep” were amazingly performed by talented students.

It was clear that everyone put a lot of effort planning and rehearsing their performances, however there can only be so many winners. 

The crowd was on the edge of their seats, waiting for the results to be announced. Joanna and Quiann’s duet and their skit, which combined a little bit of acting and singing, won first place. It was unexpected for some students, however their number was unique and interesting, causing the judges to make their final decision. However, it did cause some controversy. Many people said that although they were great, it is debatable that they were “the best”, and in terms of vocals there were better numbers like the ones mentioned above. Wei Chen with a performance of Ed Sheeran’s song “Supermarket Flowers” and Rookie Radz with a break dance number, tied second place. 


Tech Unique Urban won third place. According to Landy Liu ‘20, a member of Tech Unique, the show was “awesome”, and everyone was very “excited” about winning, but the rehearsals were “rushy” and “messy”. At a point they had to “redo the whole show”. Nevertheless, it prepared them so the show would “go smoothly”. Tech Unique’s performance was definitely one of the crowd’s favorites as the crowd went crazy after – they cheered and clapped. In the end, there was a special performance by the school’s two step teams Lady Dragons and Organized Chaos. 


Events like the Talent Show are really beneficial for the school spirit. They bring the student body together, making Tech feel a bit smaller than it actually is. Watching students clap and cheer for every performer, turn on flashlights on their phones as a sign of their support, and genuinely pay attention and want to make their fellow students feel accepted and accomplished was a truly heartwarming experience. It was enjoyable and fun for everyone who watched the show. Brooklyn Tech is a big school with over six thousand students, but that doesn’t mean most of them are strangers to you. Through extracurricular activities, events, games, and more, students can all meet each other, make new friends and feel more comfortable at school surrounded by our friends and acquaintances. 

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