Powdered Wigs and Buckled Shoes

People are quick to judge you based on what you wear, what you look like, and how you present yourself. First impressions are crucial, and a great presentation will establish an approachable image of yourself. A well-groomed and neatly dressed individual can most likely create a sense of confidence and poise. Our articles of clothing are usually the first things people notice about when they first meet you. However, it’s hard to determine what’s fashionable. Our sense of fashion has changed over many years. Just like trends, certain styles makes a grand entrance but fade out over time. Imagine walking down Times Square during rush hour with a powdered wig and buckled shoes. Everybody would be looking at you, confused. Now imagine wearing the newest drops from some of the most popular brands, like Adidas or Nike. Wearing trendy clothes allow people to fit in with society. And weirdly enough, many people go overboard with the amount of money they spend on clothes that are slightly better in quality than other clothes of similar type. Brands like Supreme and Gucci are becoming popular due to the large price cost of clothing as well as its limit in numbers. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to wear clothes from different areas of the world, or from different time periods. People have pulled off throwbacks fits, while looking good in it too.

How does society determine what’s trendy, and what’s deemed to be unworthy of wearing? It doesn’t. Everyone has a different perspective on what’s considered fashionable. It depends on what colors look good on an individual, what type of fit someone prefers, what’s available at the right price, and many other factors.

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