On 34th Street there is a bright green store that will confuse you. I was a victim that got sucked in and left with a desire to return. Welcome to the Crocs store. 

Upon entering the store, you are greeted with a Pointillists mural of Lady Liberty, made entirely of Crocs. After exploring the two floors of the store, I had questions. 

“Why do people make fun of Crocs? What is it about Crocs that people turn their noses up at the mere thought of it? How did this mindset start? Can it be reversed? Would I be the one to reverse it?”

Somewhere along this journey, a dream was born. The dream in which I would wear my Crocs around Tech because why not? Over the next two months, I began to list all the things I was missing living a Crocs-less life. My mental list became long enough for me to justify my purchase. 

And so, that’s exactly what I did on Black Friday 2018. I purchased a pair of Crocband Crocs along with some of their Jibbitz Shoe Charms. Needless to say, I felt like a true fashion icon. Fashion bloggers, move over; Julia has entered the room. 

I had informed several of my close friends that I was conducting a “social experiment.” Do people actually care about what you wear? But that was my cover to hide my dreams of showing off my decorated Crocs in the hallways.
“Why would you wear those? Did you know Crocs are actually bad for your feet?”
“Beauty is pain,” I said with a hair flip. 


I was excited to start my Crocs adventure. Having a friend go on this adventure with me boosted my confidence. It was nice knowing that I wasn’t the only one wearing Crocs, but at the same time, I wanted to be the only one. But nevertheless, it was fun to have a partner in crime; knowing that I wasn’t the only one wandering the long hallways of Tech alone in Crocs. 

I was going to take this time to experiment with my new Crocs. No show socks? I did that. Colorful ankle socks? Been there, much to my friend’s dismay.”What’s worse than socks with sandals is Crocs with socks,” said Alvin Crighton. Dress pants? Why not, who would be there to tell me no? What were the fashion rules pertaining to Crocs? There were none; so I was going to create my own.
One aspect about me is that I enjoy shocking people. I would say something out of the blue to shake things up. Hence, my incorporation of the “Whip” in my everyday interactions and my Crocs in my shoe collection. Going against the mainstream, or the proton gradient as I would say is very on-brand for me. 

Wearing Crocs is both expected and revolutionary for me. Unless we had some sort of relation to each other then you would be able to see my quirky side. Other than that, you would have never known. Having the Crocs on makes it very obvious that I am different. 

Some people stared in the hallways but I pretended not to notice. Old Julia would have been very self-conscious of all the eyeballs on her shoes, but Julia with Crocs on knows that she’s a fashion icon. 


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