The Ins and Outs of Girls Volleyball

The players of the Tech Volleyball Team had a triumphant and long season, which is a testament to the hard work of all the players and the guidance from coaches D’Augusta and Gigliello. During the season that started in August and spanned until the end of November, the volleyball team had practice for as much as two hours a day daily. In the end, their hard work paid off. The girls were undefeated in all of their games against schools like Fort Hamilton and James Madison High School, setting the bar higher for next year.

Varsity Volleyball played a total of twelve games this year and emerged victorious from as many as ten of these games. The team played with a multitude of schools from all over the city, including Millennium High School, John Jay High School, and Cardozo High School.  

During the playoffs, the team played against Lab Museum United High School, beating them 2-0. Junior Alexandra Kusio had 11 digs and 10 kills while Junior Yulia Rakova had 17 assists and 6 service points. The team thus proceeded to play against Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. The game with Cardozo was arguably one of the most intense games of the season as Cardozo was Tech’s toughest matchup. The teams played three sets, but Tech, unfortunately, lost to Cardozo by one set, with a final score of 2-1. Senior Beverly Wong had 12 digs in the game and Junior Alexandra Kusio had 10 kills, 17 digs, and 6 service points in the game. Sophomore Zadie Waletzko also performed very well, having 17 digs and 10 service points.

The gym was packed with students and parents from both schools. Members of both the Tech Football Team and the Tech Basketball Team also came to support their peers. “I remember watching the second set of the game, seeing my team looking nervous because of their loss in the first set. However, the team listened to the crowd holler to get their adrenaline going,” says Zoe Macuto, one of the managers of the team.

Tech came extremely close to a victory. When asked what the team could have done differently, Meakelena Dimitrova, co-captain of the team, replied, “Work harder in the beginning of the game, so we don’t put ourselves in the position of getting it that close at the end.”

Victory or no victory, the Brooklyn Tech community is still extremely proud of how far the team went this year. Next year, the team will hopefully return stronger and go even farther than it went this year.

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