Interview with Star Volleyball Player Beverly Wong

Senior Beverly Wong is an outside hitter for the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team, playing a huge role in helping the team reach playoffs. The team unfortunately lost to Cardozo High School on November 16 in a game where Wong had an ace, 3 service points, 12 digs, and 4 kills. I was lucky enough to interview Beverly Wong to discuss her experiences with the team, the 2017-2018 season, and her love for the game.

The season has unfortunately ended for Girls’ Volleyball. The game against Cardozo High was a very close one. What do you think were some of the flaws the team committed during the game? How do you think the team can correct those flaws for future games?

I am extremely proud of us for always bringing 110% onto the court every single day of season. I will extremely miss my teammates, who have become my family. During the game, we all worked together: as coach says, “c squared: communicate and collaborate.” We gave our all for that game. It was unfortunate that the other team just performed better. However, we did all we could; the minor flaws we committed in game does not outshine that we were a team, from our peaks to our worst moments. I believe that as long as we keep our heads toward the goal and we work hard, the girls volleyball team will reach victory next time.

    Picture by Charlie Hong of New Life Now Warriors Volleyball

Volleyball has obviously played a significant impact on your life, but what exactly brought you to the sport?

In middle school, I was afraid of volleyball, but my middle school coach put me on the volleyball team because he saw potential in me. From then on, I found the sport exciting. In sophomore year, I joined New Life Now Warriors, a church-based volleyball team. This sparked my interest and will to improve in the sport, allowing me to make it on the Brooklyn Tech Varsity Volleyball team.

You are clearly one of the best players on the team. Do you plan to continue volleyball in college?

Haha, I wouldn’t say I’m one of the best players, but thank you. Volleyball is a team sport- the strongest link is as strong as the weakest link. I plan on continuing volleyball in college, but there is so much more room for growth that I am anticipating to discover.

The girls volleyball had a very successful season, finishing first in the Brooklyn A North/East division with an outstanding record of 9-1. What was your favorite part of this season? Least favorite?

My favorite part of the season was in-game moments after we scored a point. Every player’s face would be smiling and cheering their lungs out, and we’d huddle in the center of the court to celebrate. It made me realize how every point should be celebrated, and how it brings the dynamics of the team up, helping us perform even better. My least favorite was finishing our final game. Saying goodbye is so hard, especially when you’ve invested so much time and effort into the game and team. This entire season was truly an unforgettable, irreplaceable experience.

Now that season has ended, what advice can you offer to the non-seniors of the team and students who want to join the team?

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Advice my coaches have given me is to never give up. If you are willing to do something, then you will be able to achieve it through hard work. Practice is key. Playing at recreational centers, open gyms, and clubs will help you improve. Definitely watch a lot of volleyball too! Most importantly, a wise coach once told me: “Work hard, stay humble.”

Volleyball has been dominated by white athletes in college and at the professional level. How do you think the NCAA can diversify the sport and what advice can you offer to minorities who are interested in the sport? What can the minority population do to increase their participation in volleyball?

Paying for clubs, equipment, and attire to greatly improve in volleyball is pretty expensive. As a minority, I find it quite difficult to access the necessary resources to be able to get into the NCAA level. More programs to train minorities early on without costing so much money and more scouting for more diverse players would slowly diversify the sport as well. However, if volleyball is truly your passion, don’t let disadvantages deter you from working towards your goal: anything is possible!

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