Tumblr: Old, Yet (Surprisingly) Still Efficient

Created in 2007, Tumblr was originally a place where users could interact with one another in order to share posts to keep a blog, or a space to gather up writings, thoughts, and creative designs, updated and alive. Popular for being the first social media to incorporate fans and community together, it kicked off greatly and has become one of the top ten social media websites used. Ten years after its debut, a question remains for its creators and users today – what’s the point in still using it?

Many other popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram capture all the ideas made for Tumblr and create more – like a type of individual robbery. For example, functions such as the ability to post a gallery of photos and “queuing” posts to publicize later were once in the hands of Tumblr, but now it seems as if every social media has stripped them dry of these features by adding them to their own products.

In 2017, Tumblr decided to reinvent itself and its features in a way that would directly correlate to their opening stages. A big concept recently made available is the ability to turn any collection of images or videos into GIFs in one click, which other social media sites have yet to do. Tumblr has focused on gif-making from the start, and being able to make GIFs straight from the site was a good business move in that more people will take an interest in it. Another big feature for Tumblr this year is the freedom of choosing personal themes for a user’s website, as someone can even code their own themes if they really wanted to. Instead of having one layout for everyone to use (which other social medias tend to do), Tumblr puts creative expression directly into the hands of its customers. Creative expression was greatly advertised when Tumblr was first released, and is something the staff of the site work on daily.

Being a member of Tumblr for more than three years, it’s been an honor to see the website develop and grow into what it is today. I’ve been using it for so long in order to keep myself and others updated on my favorite band, Paramore. Connecting the community of fans together and being able to store all of the edits/GIFs I create is a lot for one website, and I sincerely applaud them for it. Still being a useful and fun website after an entire decade is quite a lot. Many websites shut down and many are born, but Tumblr is still going. And, hopefully, it’ll be going for many more years to come.

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