Genre-Neutral Legends Rock Radio City Music Hall (Paramore Concert Review)

Paramore has made an amazing breakthrough in 2017 as the now-dubbed “genre-neutral” band released another album filled with jams this May, titled After Laughter. With minimal album promotion, the band wanted to focus much more on fans and making music together as friends. From this, they’ve decided to do another tour, naming their American-leg “Tour Two.” I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see them live for the second time on October 4 with their show at Radio City Music Hall, a first-time at the venue for them. Prior to the show, I came a good four hours early and got to meet the touring bassist Joey Howard and touring guitarist Justin York – both whom were super nice and took a picture with me. When the show started, Paramore’s friends Best Coast opened the stage with their hits, including “Boyfriend” and “Feeling Ok,” which got us all pumped up for Paramore even more. With a sold-out show, a massive 6,000 fans showed up. When Paramore came, we all went absolutely bananas! They started with their first single off the new album, Hard Times, in which the fans all danced around and shouted the lyrics.

Throughout the entire performance, lead vocalist Hayley Williams constantly reminded us that life can be tough, and that we need to hold onto hope no matter what we are going through.

Cry hard, dance harder.

Through the middle of their set, the band decided to play one of their saddest songs to date, “26.”

You got me tied up, but I stay close to the window and I talk to myself about the places that I used to go.

That entire crowd went completely silent. All we saw was Williams and lead guitarist Taylor York tear up as Williams’ vocal melodies and York’s low guitar notes brought tears to our own eyes. Feeling that low really broke my heart, and it was an experience I didn’t know I needed until it happened.

After more songs with clapping, dancing, and crying, the band ended their setlist with “Rose Colored Boy,” yet another banger from their new album. The cheerleader anthem began with the words,

Low-key no pressure, just hang with me and my weather!

Everyone went nuts, and sang the words ‘til their lungs gave out. The lyrics were so depressing, yet the rhythm was so upbeat, that it hurt us the most when the concert ended. Reality really kicked in when we were exiting, as I took the words of Williams to heart.

If you’re sad, just create something with your hands.

I was sad that the concert was over, and decided to do my math homework at 1 am that same night with my hands on the computer. I’d like to thank Paramore for all the feelings that were felt, and I’ll definitely see them whenever they come back. Listen to their fifth studio album, After Laughter, available on Spotify and Apple Music today!

3 thoughts on “Genre-Neutral Legends Rock Radio City Music Hall (Paramore Concert Review)”

  1. I didn’t really like their music until their new album came out(after laughter). Hayley’s voice is so beautiful and all the songs in the album are fun to listen to! I appreciated the music as well and how youthful and fun it sounded. Thanks Kazi Hossain for writing an article :)!!!

  2. I’ve never, i swear, NEVER EVER, heard about PARAMORE. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, has ever informed me about this band and I’m disappointed because after this article, I just researched about them and I love them more than the kpop group BTS!! Thank you Kazi Hossain 🙂

  3. Never really seen reviews done on concerts in school newspapers, so this is pretty cool. This is the first I’ve heard about Paramore, and it seemed like the group is great so I’ll probably give it a listen. Write more about your music experiences, they’re interesting.

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