Boy’s Badminton Reaches Finals, Loses to FDR HS

BTHS Boys' Badminton Team poses with silver medals from their game against FDR
BTHS Boys’ Badminton Team poses with silver medals from their game against FDR. Photo from PSAL by Damion Reid

Congratulations to the Boys Badminton Team for placing second in the City Championship! The season was wrapped up on Tuesday, November 6th.
The marvelous season started with a thrilling winning score of 5-0 against Martin Luther King High School. From there on, the boys blew away their competition, undefeated in fourteen matches. Sweeping all opponents, they got into their strides and made their way to the finals.
“As a team we are excited to head into the season. We believe that we have a chance to win, but we have to earn it”, Raymond Tang, the senior co-captain, commented at the beginning of the season.
Their last match was against F.D.R, who placed 1st in the South Division and stood as a strong adversary. Strictly conditioned and prepared, the team was excited about the last game in the season and hoped to win the championship. Their opponent, however, held the same amount of ambition. Finally, F.D.R defeated Tech by one game, a score of 3-2 and ended Tech’s remarkable season.
Despite their bitter defeat, our team kept a positive morale. Co-captain Raymond Tang said, ”Losses aren’t happy, but we congratulated ourselves for making it this far.”
When Brian Law, the first singles and the captain on the team, was asked how he felt after the season, he responded, ”It was a very stressful time during the playoffs. I feel relieved from the fact that it’s all over”. Because Brian played such an important position, we could imagine that he bore many stresses for the highly-anticipated victory throughout the game season.
Every loss is a new opportunity to see our shortcomings. Keep those fingers crossed for the boys as they will come back with more energy and excited spirit next year!


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