[VIDEO] [GALLERY] A Blast From The Past

Participants in the Fashion Show posing for a group shot. Photo by Jasper Waldman.

November 17th, 2017 was no ordinary Friday. Hundreds of students lined the 5th floor hallway as they waited to enter the library. However, these students weren’t there to study this Friday afternoon: they were there for Brooklyn Tech’s Second Annual Fashion Show.

Co-organized by the Sophomore Student Council and Student Leadership, another branch of Student Government, the annual fashion show has come to Tech once again. Considering fashion shows are uncommon in high schools and that this production was entirely student-led with student makeup artists, models and hair stylists working the show, the show was quite an impressive feat. The event even sold out and welcomed a whopping total of one hundred and fifty students. There’s no denying that this was an event that few wanted to miss. With over twenty students showcasing their creative and unique fashion styles on the catwalk, the show was one of the most highly anticipated events of the semester.

Students waiting for the Fashion Show to start. AKM Islam
Students line up to watch this year’s Fashion Show. AKM Islam









This year’s theme was Blast From the Past. Most of the outfits were assembled by the models with inspirations drawn from their chosen time period. The show kicked off with an appearance from the Lady Dragons Step Team. Their energetic performance hyped up the audience and added to their anticipation for the show to begin.

The show was then divided into eight different decades and performances. Four to five models accompanied each decade going from the 1940s till the 2010s. Loud applause erupted from the crowd as each model walked the carpeted catwalk.

Afterwards, the Breakdance Club wrapped up the show with an epic performance. Its crew members have practiced for several hours for the past few weeks to deliver a grand finale that featured a varied lineup of dance choreographies, capturing the audience with their skilled synchronized movements.



Breakdance Club posing after the performance. This photo and above by Jasper Waldman

Video: Breakdance Club Performing by Ayman Siam, Advanced Studio Photography

However, this show was no easy task and the President of Class of 2020, Kelly Su, told us all about it. To pull the show together, it took multiple two-hour meetings and rehearsals. Su had to continuously maintain an active social media presence and reach out to the student body to ensure a large audience.

Unplanned complications would also rise up along the way. Sometimes there would be minor difficulties that would be beyond their control, Su stated. For instance, the rehearsal location wouldn’t be available at times and some makeup artists wouldn’t show up. Regardless, they were able to get past those hurdles. Her favorite part was seeing all of their hard work come together into a show so widely enjoyed by audience members.

Models Jennifer Chen and Noushin Shristi also gave us a glimpse of their roles in the show. They both thought that the event was a bit lacking when it came to organization and communication. The models were only able to practice once a week with a total of three times, which wasn’t enough since there were changes every time. Several sudden changes to the original plan also caused confusion as models weren’t told about the changes until hours before the show. Despite these issues, they both agreed that overall, it was a wonderful experience. They met lots of fellow students who had similar interests with them. “It was fun to help each other out with modeling and with group effort, we pulled it together,” said Shristi. They also thought that the student government and advisors organizers made them feel both confident, comfortable, and empowered.

The show ended up being a memorable experience for all the students who were involved. With great outcomes, we all have high expectations for the next annual fashion show!


The Models of Each Decade:

  • 1940s- Tiffany Wu, Elaine Yong and Nicholas Riccio
  • 1950s-Sharon Ma, Alice Poon, Jiya Minhas and Mrittika Paul
  • 1960s-Bariat Bashiru, Audrey Poon, Nicholas Evans and Kelly Su
  • 1970s-Alida Nehme, Hongming Kuang, Bijoya Biswas and Ijaz Hossain
  • 1980s-Evan LaBella, Noushin Shristi and Jennifer Chen and Jacob Arevalo
  • 1990s- Erin Xu, Carolina Padilla, Joyce Zhang and Tyrone Tha
  • 2000s-Ivanna Tyrkot, Kelho Yang, Shakina Williams and Wingky Chen
  • 2010s-Brook Wickham, Badrunnesa Tanjuma, Maggie Zheng and Valmira Popinara

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