Summer Break

By Alex Chan ’18

As we continue to go about our classes, we come to a realization that we are already at the end of the school year. With a few more days of actual classes, regents week will take the place of classes and continue the torturing. But after that, is the long anticipated summer break we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the school year. The one and only time in a year where we have two months to ourselves and do whatever we please, or so we’d like to think.


“If you are not going on vacation, it is in your best interest to get a job. It is a good way to earn money even if it is minimum wage. It is also a good chance to gain working experience whatever it may be. It is important to plan out what to do during the break if you want to use your time most efficiently.” – Anonymous


No matter how attractive it may seem to relax for the entire break and spend time doing things you enjoy, it may not be the smartest thing to do. It is better if you do something productive. A very common one is applying for a job. Getting a job while you are still in high school may seem a bit too early, however many students do so. It is a great way to spend your time going out into the city and experiencing everyday life outside your home. One important benefit is that you gain working experience from your job. Work experience allows you to put yourself in a better position when applying for careers after college and so forth. But probably the most important factor is the pay. Money is a big motivator in society and it is no different for high school students. This allows you to become more independent as you become less dependent on your parents for purchases. It gives a small idea on how life is going to be in the near future where you have few to depend on..


“In order to be productive, it is essential that you spend time organizing yourself. Good ways of doing that is getting rid of garbage that has accumulated over the year from classes and cleaning stuff out.”  – Anonymous


Summer shouldn’t be just filled with work either. It should be both taken advantage of and enjoyed. On the days where there is no work, you should do something you want to do. It is important to relieve the stress from work and allow yourself to vent out any unnecessary thoughts. Hanging out with friends is a good idea. Chances are that you will not have seen your friends since school ended, so it’ll be a good chance to see each other once again and let loose.


“For the summer, I suggest that people engage in activities that will further their knowledge and experience in their desired field of interest. At the same time, these should be activities that they should truly enjoy and will change their perspectives. Take advantage of summer vacation!” – Lord Crawford ‘18


The choices are limitless. There is always something to do that can relieve boredom. But just because you can relieve boredom does not mean that you should spend the entire break doing so. It is important to keep a balance between productivity as well as fun. Too much of any will disrupt the balance between the two and you will find it difficult to fix the issue.

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