Kaskade’s Tech Performance

Amelia Seepersaud ’20

For many students, Mondays are the day they dread most. Monday, May 15th however, was a day many Tech students were looking forward to. Kaskade, renowned DJ, came to perform a live concert in Tech’s auditorium.

Upon entering the auditorium, bright lights lit up the stage, with people flaunting the orange glow sticks and shades being handed out in front of the auditorium, and the buzz of excitement in the air. Once everyone was settled and ready for the show, Kaskade was introduced to the stage.

One of the most exciting songs played was a new remix he made of Tinashe’s song “Flame”– it was the first time he had performed that specific mix. Other mixes he did that brought out the crowd’s energy were Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You,” and Imagine Dragons’s “Believer.” All around during the performance, students sang and danced.

At the end of the concert there was a brief questioning session for Kaskade. During this session we learned that his biggest inspiration was his family and friends for all of the support they had given him. Kaskade also said he’s gotten to where he is today through hard work and dedication. Kaskade expressed that “music crosses borders” and is a way to “connect” to people.

Students who attended the concert generally had an outstanding time. Franklin Wong, ‘20, said, “Kaskade was the best. I had so much fun.” It served as a brief break from the constant stressing over exams. The Kaskade concert was a fun and exciting way to kickback and relax.

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