Coming of Age

By Alex Chan ‘18  

Coming of age is a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. This is the certain age where one’s position in society changes as well as his or her very own nature. This process can be held as a ritual, ceremony, or simply a legal convention. However, in terms of my position, my coming of age was my transition from being a writer to the editor for the lifestyle section for Brooklyn Tech’s student newspaper, The Survey.

Starting off as a writer under my editor, Jasmin Wang, and collaborating with my friend, Saurav Hossain, I quickly adapted to the environment and atmosphere of the Survey. With bi-weekly article due dates and weekly meetings to discuss about article topics and upcoming news for the club itself, I began to understand how the club functioned as a whole. With the editor-in-chief and her fellow editors, it seemed like one big family that has but one interest, writing. Writing is what brought everyone in the club together. As different people supervise and write for different sections, we combine some of our best works for each section and compile them for one print issue for that specific quarter.

Of course it isn’t just because of the people in the club that makes me want to stay, regardless how big of a factor it plays. Staying in this club has helped me raise my writing level in significant amounts. With articles due bi-weekly, it is only natural for my writing to improve bit by bit after each article written. That and being in this club for almost two years now outputs a writing level of which I wouldn’t have imagined during my freshman year at Tech. In fact, it amazes me how much I have accomplished up until this very moment. Although this doesn’t need to be said, I wouldn’t have been able to if I never had a place I could call “home” along with the people who share the same home with me.

Now that I have earned my position as lifestyle editor, I believe that there is room for me to grow. This time in a different position, with different responsibilities, but with a common goal. That is to improve the club to make it a better environment for new writers and aspiring editors who will soon be in my position in the near future.  

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