A Rising Passion in Brooklyn Tech: Exploring the 2nd Annual Cosplay Café

Best Maid and Costume Contest Winners—from left to right Sharon Ma, Pauline Phan, Aniyah Walker, Lexi Jeong

by Sophia Chok ’20

High turnout, vibrant costumes and delicious snacks delivered the setting for a enjoyable time of cosplaying in Brooklyn Tech’s cafeteria on April 21st, 2017.

Cosplaying is an activity in which one completely transforms and immerses themselves into another character. It allows them to become their inner warrior, literally! The chance for people to step into the shoes of their favorite hero is a truly unique opportunity. Once a year, Brooklyn Tech offers students this experience to connect with each other with this one passion – to cosplay.

Cosplay Café is “Comic Con and a Maid Café” in one with food and entertainment. Students who dress as maids and butlers serve the customers and perform. During the event, the cafeteria was split into sections, each labeled with different colors. Two to three maids were responsible for serving the students within their section. Within each section, attendees could order from the menus. Students could order sandwiches, potato salad, mac & cheese, cookies, brownies, and a variety of different sodas without limits.

While some students were eating, others went around to mingle before the main performances. Students from all grades were having small talk and discussing why they came. Isabella Huang ’19, who cosplayed as Dipper from Disney’s Gravity Falls, said she “liked dressing up and being with people who understand your character.” Last year, she cosplayed as the twin sister of Dipper: Mabel. Here for the first time, Charles Wong ’19 said he “likes anime and cosplaying” and “likes the enthusiasm and the costumes” at the event, though he added “the service needed improvement.” The costumes were “very detailed and unique”, mentioning that the male maid stuck out to him the most. He would have gone to Cosplay Café last year, but the tickets were sold out.

After the eating and the small talk, the main performances began. The host was also the event organizer: Ayane Naito ’19. Working with the current sophomore class under Student Leadership, she “wanted to base Cosplay Café off of Comic Con.” The first performance was Muse, a student duo, singing “Tokyo Summer Session” by HoneyWorks. Up next was Olivia Lei ’19, who took the stage to sing “Utaka Hanabi” by Supercell clad in a traditional blue floral kimono with getas. Afterwards, Muse returned and did a cute dance routine to “Kokuhaku Biyori Desu”. Then, Aniyah Walker ’17 did an energetic solo dance to “Sea Lily Deep Sea Take” by Hatsune Miku. After, cosplayers Vicki ’17 and Jessica ’17 sang “Senbonzakura” in matching black and pink kimonos with a red ribbon headdress. Following was a team of four dancing to KPOP song “Only You” by Miss A, which clearly swayed the audience. The performances ended with a freshman maid dancing to “Ojama Mushi” by Hatsune Miku.

At the end of the event, the costume contest winners and best maid were announced. The best maid, determined by the votes of students who attended, was Sharon Ma ‘19, who also won last year. Then, the winners of the costume contest were announced: Lexi Jeong ‘19, Aniyah Walker ‘17, and Pauline Phan, first second and third, respectively. Lexi Jeong cosplayed as Arcade Ribbon and was also the first place winner of last year’s costume contest. She said she “liked doing her own costumes since 5th grade.” Shortly after, Cosplay Café came to an end.

The world of cosplaying came to life for many students on this very lively day. Members of the school community got to create their dream costumes, showcase their talents in music or dance, and share their undeniable excitement for the event. Stay tuned for the return of Brooklyn Tech’s Cosplay Café next year!

The serving staff

Two maids and two cosplayers, including one in a kimono and one as Pikachu

Max Friedman ’17 as a male maid and Aniyah Walker’17 as a cosplayer in a pink dress

More cosplayers, including one with a sword, one with cat ears, and one with red goggles

Muse’s first performance

Olivia Lei’s performance

Aniya Walker’s solo

Vicki and Jessica’s duo performance












“Only You”


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