Junior Year, the Most Stressful and Significant Year

Alex Chan ‘18   

With only three and a half months left in the spring semester, I feel that now is a good time to reflect on what I’ve done as a junior and give advice to you, as a student. Although there is so much time left until the end of the year, three months will pass faster than expected as you become increasingly absorbed and busy with your studies and preparations for college.

Hans Montero ’17 said, “Always reach out to others for second opinions. You may not notice mistakes until someone else points them out.”

First and foremost, it is commonly said that junior year will be the most difficult year of your high school career, and I can assure you that it is most-definitely true. At the beginning of junior year, you begin to settle in to your new classes and majors. However after the first month, the work begins to pile from every single class, not to mention the AP classes that come with your chosen major. Every single day you have work from your classes be it one or all, and with your grades at stake, you rush to finish them before the deadline. With work on the desks and SATs approaching in the fall semester, it becomes difficult to make time for both your studies as well s time to prep for the SAT. Although it may be difficult to balance the two, I can say for sure that your SAT scores will improve throughout the school year naturally, as the SAT is not something you can study for. It takes more than a week or two to increase your score by 100 points. Accordingly, it is more wise to take your SAT during May so that your score is at the max potential during your junior year. If you aren’t satisfied with your score it is always possible to prepare over the summer and take it at the beginning of senior year since the college application season usually ends by December or maybe even in January.

“If there is one thing that every sophomore should do is to start studying for the SAT or ACT as soon as possible”, said James Kettle ’18.

Overall, junior year is an extremely important time, however it is important to not burden yourself with work. Junior year is also a time to spend more time outside participating in outside events whether it be for volunteer hours or for expanding your own social relations for others. It is rather important because junior year is full of pressure since it is undoubtedly the most important year of your high school career. Because of the weight behind it, it’s natural for people to feel pressured and stressed. Ergo, it is necessary to vent out frustration through participating in activity so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


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