Faculty Alumni: Ms Schiff

by Salvatore Viviano ’19

Often referring to her time as a student at Tech while mercifully lowering students’ workload, Ms. Schiff is a very respected and well liked member of the Brooklyn Tech community. While many of her students are vaguely familiar with her experiences here, many more are interested in the details of her time.

Ms. Schiff attended Tech at a time when “there was more school spirit, reflected in events such as SING”, she claims. Her favorite subject was not surprisingly Chemistry, as it was “easy and fun for her.” Her least favorite subject was history because she “doesn’t memorize well and had a dull teacher for U.S History.”

As a student, her greatest challenge was commuting daily from Rockaway Park, but like many Technites, she still made time for other activities, such as the fencing club.

When asked for a piece of advice that she wished she had received as a student here, Ms. Schiff says “Work hard from beginning to end. If you slack even a little, it’ll be much more difficult to get back into the groove.” Despite the fact that Tech is stigmatized as a cold machine-like school—a stigma that isn’t necessarily accurate—it is heartwarming to know that Tech can create such reasonable, kind, and well qualified professionals.

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