The Snails of Society

By William Chen

It is a sunny day and you’re ready to go to work, the train comes at 8:45 and work starts at 9:15. It is currently 8:40 and you’re almost at the train station! However, you encounter the horrible creatures that we call slow walkers, they block your way by maintaining a snail-like pace and it’s as if they have a sign on their back with the words “You Shall Not Pass!” You end up missing the train and horribly late for work. Slow walkers delays many people and should be fined for blocking fellow walkers.

Not everyone is in a rush to get somewhere people might say, however people should be mindful for others who are in a rush and make way for them. Slow walkers block the way of people who walks in a moderate pace, blocking people’s walk way usually creates pedestrian traffic in a certain crowded area. Slow walkers should either speed up for the people behind them, or if they’re unable to, they should stand clear for the moderate walkers.

Most of the time slow walkers are on their phone or talking mindlessly to their friend. This might be dangerous because the person isn’t paying attention to where he/she is going. Similar to driving a car, a person walking should follow the same basic rules. Get off your phone and be aware of your surroundings at all times while walking. In The New York Times article “Think You Own the Sidewalk?; Etiquette by New York Pedestrians Is Showing a Strain” it states basic rules that pedestrians should follow, the sixth one is “get off the phone.” Pedestrians should wait until arrival to be on their phone.

Delays happen all the time throughout your life, however most of the delays are caused by slow walkers. These delays make people stressed and frustrated. According to researchers, there is a concept of “sidewalk rage” which are mostly caused by slow walkers. In The Wall Street Journal article “Get Out of My Way, You Jerk!” written by Shirley S. Wang, it states that there is a syndrome called pedestrian aggressiveness syndrome, some of the traits are feeling stress and impatience, feeling enraged at other pedestrians and also feeling competitive.

A course of action that can be taken to cure the world of slow walkers. In China, they created certain lanes for slow walkers to walk on, allowing slow walkers can walk at their own pace while other people also walk at their own pace. With these improvements, you can probably catch your train and be on time for work!

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