The Annual AMC comes to Tech

Annie Li ’18

The Mathematical Association of America’s AMC is an annual math test that serves as one of the first of four stages that leads to the International Mathematical Olympiad, the IMO.

Those who receive scores in the top 5% on the AMC advance to the next round, which is the AIME. Six final members are chosen to the IMO team.

despite serving as the preliminary round, the AMC is incredibly rigorous. According to the Mathematical Association of America, the program “leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem-solvers.”

It is this challenge that draws Tech’s finest math students to compete each year.

Isaac Chang, a junior in the Brooklyn Tech math major, says he takes it because it is “…really difficult … you should only take it if you really like math.” 

Jin Hong Chen, a junior in the math major, describes it as “… a learning experience for me every time when I take the AMC.”

In addition, winning or participating in the AMC can have other benefits too. Mr. Matthews, a coach for the Brooklyn Tech math team, stated “you can also improve your problem solving skills. There are some college applications that specifically have a spot where you can put in you AMC scores. It is a well respected and well known contest.”

          When asked whether they would recommend entering this contest, many students such as Jessie Wu, a junior from the Brooklyn Tech math team, replied that they would recommend others to enter this contest. The AMC is revered as a way to challenge oneself, and learn more about math.

The AMC is already over this year, but those who are interested can definitely apply next, and see if they have the potential to enter the next round, or even the international competition.

The problems and the solutions for all the AMC variations are available on the Art of Problem Solving’s website.

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