The 2017 Table Tennis Season Recap

The girl’s table tennis team ended their playoff run early February, marking the end of a great season. Going 8-2 in the regular season, the team was second place in Division II. Unfortunately, Tech fell short to Edward Murrow High School. After the regular season ended, Tech faced off against Queens High School Complex to kick off the beginning of playoffs. Played in home court, Tech defeated them five to zip. Tech advanced to the quarterfinals with this win.

Even though Tech won the first match, Tech fell short against Millennium High School a few days later. The team lost 4-1, and was eliminated from the playoffs. Although they did not advance, the athletes played very well and had a  great record this season. Making it to the quarterfinals was definitely a success for the team.

Wisely Chang ‘18 offers her thoughts following their defeat at the quarter finals. She describes, “This past season has been an amazing learning experience for all of us. Although it was frustrating for us to lose in the quarterfinals, we are still proud of ourselves as a team.” With hopes for the future, she adds “We hope to thrive as a team to become the next city champ.”

Similar to the girl’s team, the boy’s table tennis team had an impressive season. Going 12-2 in the regular season, Tech won 2nd place in the city. Throughout the season the team has been better than the teams they faced. However, Tech struggled to beat Stuyvesant. Facing them twice in the regular season, they were the only team that Tech lost to, and the team that beat Tech in the finals. Edmond Chen ‘18 reflects, “I think the team this year has its ups and downs but with the addition of Coach Edmond Suen and promising freshmen the team has progressed a lot and will come back stronger next year to face Stuy again.”

The juniors have made notable appearances in the Individual’s Cup. Stephen Yatvitskiy ‘18 won 3rd place in singles, while Matthew Lee ‘18 and Brandon Suen ‘18 won 3rd place in doubles.

For both the girls and boys, this year has been very successful for table tennis. Their season is not over yet, as Brooklyn Tech will be hosting the NYC Mayor’s Cup Table Tennis Championships on March 18th.

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