Technology, Not Always the Answer

by Arianna Sarjoo

We have created a communication gap within our society, and unfortunately our phones cannot fix this problem. Today, reaching out to others may be the easiest task one can do, especially with the aid of cellphones, those special little devices that have rapidly weaseled their way into our lives. However, this new-found availability might not be the key to proper communication at all.


According to statistics provided by the Pew Research Center in 2015, 64% of adults in America own a smartphone, and that number along with the rates of overall internet consumption are slowly on the rise. It is understandable, the beauty in the efficiency that such a technology can provide. Once one has tasted the speed of 4G wireless internet, how much of a fool would they be to walk away. Society has become so accustomed to constant interaction with technology that the adaptations are already visible. Wifi is now offered as an incentive for walking into many stores, as well as outlet availability for charging your technological devices; we are becoming a civilization that is greatly dependent on the technology humanity has spent so long innovating.


A favorite among teenage users with smartphones is the wonder of social media. Social media, a selection of applications used to access an enormous network of people from all corners of the world. For years prior to our mobile outbreak, this kind of instant access was unheard of. Technology is allowing us to obtain information at a faster rate than we had ever been able to before, and making our lives easier while doing it. However, as the years went by, society started to become dependent, and this reliance proved to be detrimental to the skill of social interaction.


It is quite common to see people reverting to their phones in awkward situations to have to avoid making contact with a certain someone, or to avoid any human interaction at all. However, with all this time spent staring at a screen, you lose valuable time to practice socialization. The art of socialization is just that, an art, a practice, and skill that can only be developed and strengthened over time, and with practice. Although technology has advanced greatly to accommodate for communication, there is a different way to approach speaking to someone in person rather than online. Conversations are structured differently and with several social media options you can view a message and have to time to formulate a response before actually opening the message, There is no such window into the conversation when engaging in face to face conversations, and the lack of practice with social interaction is quite apparent when one can hold a conversation online, but beyond the keyboard they are at a loss for words.


It is time to pull back. It is time, to step away from the social media, the instant messaging, the efficiency, and have a conversation. After all, what are you going to do when the battery runs out?

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  1. I agree that modern day technological mobile advancement is definitely causing a lack of communicative interraction in the world today, especially among the young population. Compare today with communication long ago when there was no phone, no TV. no electricity. Then people were writing better and making better speeches. But advancement in all areas must progress. This connot be stopped.

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