Strengthening Family Dynamic

By Saurav Hossain ‘18

As New Yorkers, living our busy lives, we tend to forget about what is most important-our family. Many of us tend to simply live our lives separately and become disjointed from our family. We create an atmosphere where we live in a shell and do not share many of our personal life with our family. However, it is crucial that we rekindle our familial bond, because we rely on our family in times of need. In addition, high school serves as the marking point to where we transition to adult hood in college. Move away from your family for the first time, you will soon find out how vital it is to strengthen your family dynamic. 

There are simple ways to strengthen your family dynamic:

  1. Schedule meals together: Regularly eating together encourages daily communication and brings families together physically. During meals, you can talk about your day or voice concerns and share upcoming events. Eating together also builds trust and communication skills.
  1. Complete chores and errands as a family: Doing chores and running errands are quite burden and straining when done alone, but doing them in unison can be much more rewarding. Chores can be done faster and be fun. Errands can be a small outing as a family.
  1. Plan Activities Together: Try and find the time between practice, assignments, and other activities to find family time. Even though it may be difficult to arrange activities with your family, try to put in the effort and make it as often as possible. Simple things can be family time if done together like cooking dinner, fruit picking and more recreational things to do could be movie or game night, vacations.
  1. Learning to Communicate: Learning to communicate with each other is essential, and keep in mind to take into account the other person’s perspective, listen without judgement, make “I” statements instead of “you” accusations” and provide your undivided attention.
  1. Appreciating and Forgiving: We tend to take family members for granted, but everyone one likes to be appreciated and they are no exception; despite whether or not it feels futile people still like to hear a “Thank You”. Forgiveness should be readily available at any time, if the situation is extreme then first calm down and then communicate with the family member, learn to share how both of you feel with each other instead of staying mad at each other and building up tension.
  1. Commitment: You have to commit both time and energy to strengthening your family dynamic, not just you but your family as well. Take time to do what you all enjoy, if you don’t share many common interests take turns doing things one member enjoys.

Every family is unique and have their own way of bonding, however one thing any family can do to strengthen their dynamic is to communicate. Put in the time and effort and the rest will fall into place.

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