New York City: A New Epicenter For Protest Of The Presidency

by Alek Gozman ’18

After the results of the president election on November 8th, people all around the country have gathered together to protest the election of Donald Trump as president. The reasons for the protests range from abolishing the Electoral College to disputing the election results, to calls for the early impeachment of Donald Trump. However, most of these protesters agree that Donald Trump’s potential policies are terrible for the nation and must be put to a stop.

New York City has become one of the most prominent places for protests. Protesters march all over Manhattan calling for an end to Trump’s presidency. For the most part, these protesters are peaceful and there have been few instances of any destruction to private property. These protesters make chants like “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got to go” and “Say it Loud, Say it Clear, Syrians are Welcome Here.” It is almost impossible to go through Manhattan without encountering these protests.

These protests have inspired students at Brooklyn Tech to join the cause. Students like Nicholas Howell ’18 have decided to partake in these protests. When asked why he joined the protests, Howell stated, “I protest because I’m afraid. I’m afraid that a Trump presidency would ruin the environment far past its existing ruins. I’m afraid that my uncles and my friends who are LGBTQ+ could lose their freedoms to an angry, emboldened group of bigots. I have that same fear for my friends who are people of color. I’m afraid for women around the country who could lose their right to choose. I protest because I’m safe, so it’s my responsibility to step up and use my safety to try to help and protect other people.”

Another student protestor, Zachary Viscardi ’18, stated, “Students protest because that is the only voice that they have in the government and that is their only means of change, since they cannot vote.”

Brooklyn Tech students Nicholas Howell, James Breuckel, and Zachary Viscardi have participated in the school walkout on November 15th to protest Trump’s presidency. They plan on protesting for as long as Trump is still in office.

In response to various events and protests all over the country, Steele Miller and Nicholas Howell have started a forum called “Brooklyn Tech Students United for Social Change.” This forum meets to discuss how to address current political and social issues in the United States. It works to create positive change through peaceful and constructive means. If you are interested in joining this group, it meets every Monday in room 6N8.

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