My Brother, My Brother, and Me: Fun Sibling Shenanigans All Can Relate To

SDefaz In times when the it’s difficult to watch what’s on television, Seeso’s online streaming exclusive My Brother, My Brother, and Me is a wonderful delight to feast on. The My Brother, My Brother, and Me online series follows the same format as their five-year-old podcast, in which Justin, Travis, and littlest brother, Griffin, McElroy answer questions and offer advice. The series is set place in the McElroys’ hometown of Huntington, Virginia. The pilot episode, “Tarantulas & Travis Did a Hit,” seeks to convince a listener’s wife to own a tarantula–leading the brothers to go great lengths with a unique re-branding of spiders that includes an impromptu parade.

The McElroys have an almost drift comparable relationship that translates well into their comedic timing erupting into great scenes, such as where Justin cannot stop laughing at his own joke as he attempts to convince the mayor of their parade with a promise of a slanderous campaign ad if he doesn’t. As he is unable to even finish his sentence, his brothers seem to understand his punchline and push him onward to say “But when the opportunity came to throw a kick-ass parade in downtown Huntington, Mayor Williams took a big dump on it”. For those growing up with siblings, this show is incredibly relatable right down to sibling-on-sibling violence, such as when Griffin describes a particularly heated moment between his older siblings as an “assassination attempt” to the boys’ 61-year-old father. “Tarantulas & Travis Did a Hit” is available on YouTube in its entirety and all episodes are available on Seeso.

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