LIRR Derailment in Brooklyn

Alek Gozman ’18

On Wednesday, January 4th , the Long Island Rail Road train derailed. The derailment occurred in the Atlantic Terminal, injuring 103 people. Most of the injuries were minor, and no serious damage occurred.

The crash occurred when the LIRR went over a bumper block, which is used to stop the train in case of an emergency. The wheels of the first car then derailed, which led to the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board stated that investigators will be checking out the scene to see what caused this episode.

The train was going above 10 mph when it hit the bumper block, even though the speed limit is supposed to be 5 mph. This extra speed is what many attribute to the crash. Many believe that this high speed was caused by some sort of human error. Some even suggest it to be caused by sleep apnea.

Many Brooklyn Tech students were riding the train that day. Shainu George, who rode the rain that day, stated, “I was on my regular train to school when all of a sudden, my head banged against the chair due to a sudden jerk in the train… I saw a lady in the aisle fell down head-first to the ground and a guy a few rows in front of me with blood dripping down his face due to

impact. Everybody was confused… As I walked up the train’s platform, I saw evacuation windows pulled out of the train… As I reached the tip of the platform, I saw the first cart of the train raised up and crashed against the wall.”

Mr. Dwyer, a Social Studies teacher in the school, was also on the LIRR when the accident happened. He stated, “Just BOOM… This was not soft, it was like BOOM… I see people out on the stretchers, people out on the benches. The police are there. Firemen are there… I was shaken up by it because it was like BOOM—like hitting a wall.”

Although there are no updates yet, there probably will be soon. The MTA will probably be more careful now with its trains.

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