Brooklyn Tech’s First Ever TED Talk

ASeepersaud’20 On Friday, March 10th, Brooklyn Tech had its first ever TED Talk, taking place in the school library. The event was a success, consisting of many different speakers from different backgrounds, with different experiences and different messages to share. Each speaker had a message to inspire. They shared their experiences with the audience to teach valuable life lessons.

One speaker, Mohammed Hasan, spoke about acknowledging a person’s humanity and learning to empathize with people different than yourself. Then, there were speakers like Alexandria Shen, who spoke about the effects of social media on today’s youth, cyberbullying, and teamwork based off of her own experiences with these things. We learned about inclusive leadership from Tayo Rockson. These people were just a few among the speakers that evening.

It was fascinating to see how each speaker had a different style and a different way of sharing their message. Each speaker brought something new to the table that could benefit many. Everyone attending the event, whether they were an audience member, a speaker, or a volunteer working the event, left the evening full of inspiration.

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