The Super Bowl

by Justin Lipitz ’19

It was an exciting Super Bowl filled with surprises, funny commercials, and Lady Gaga. Throughout the two and a half quarters, it appeared that it be a typical  Super Bowl blowout. From Tom Brady’s first career playoff pick-six, and the Patriots’ inability to stop the Falcon’s potent offense, things looked grim for a historically great franchise. Atlanta led by 25 early in the second half.

Heading into the final quarter of regulation, the Patriots were down by 19 points. Things quickly turned around, with an uncharacteristic fumble from Matt Ryan, and an acrobatic grab made by Julian Edelman that was reminiscent to the David Tyree catch that had crushed Patriots fans ten years ago. After that everything went in New England’s favor.  They made two needed two-point conversions, one of which capped off a magical drive of 91 yards led by Tom Brady. Thanks to his fourth quarter magic the game headed into overtime. The first time in Superbowl history. Just 8 plays later, The New England Patriots were crowned champions. They won the game 34-28.

After the greatest and most exhausting game of all time, Tom Brady kneeled over at mid-field,emotional from the victory. For much of the season, he had been quietly dealing with his mother’s severe illness. He had to sit out for the first four games due to the Deflategate scandal from two seasons ago. It was hard, but he was motivated by his love for his team, family and the game. He directed a huge comeback and managed to win his fifth Super Bowl.  For his whole career, Brady has been on the sidelines screaming like a maniac trying to roar his teammates to life. He has come a long way from being the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft. He now has four Super Bowl MVP awards more than any other player.

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