Shakespeare Recitation Contest

RKim’17 With strong emotion and jaw dropping performances, Brooklyn Tech’s 2017 Pearl Mayefsky Shakespeare Recitation Contest definitely shined light to the art and understanding behind Shakespeare and his work.

 Students from all grades prepared a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays, and the participating students captivated the audience as they transformed into one of the many characters created by Shakespeare. As an audience member, it was easy to tell how nervous everyone was as they silently waited for their name to be called. However, the moment the participants emerged from their seats to perform, the whole mood in the atmosphere had shifted. These actors commanded a strong stage presence as they channeled their own unique style encompassing tone, hand movements, and definitely the portrayal of different emotions that were being felt by the characters. Students did not have to be a theater lover to understand the ability to change into another person, and every performance there attested to this.

Through this event, students were able to share their love for Shakespeare and grasp a better understanding of Shakespeare’s works. Ayaa Mesbah ‘17, who portrayed Desdemona from Othello, states, “Personally I was nervous at first but it was a good experience. I liked seeing the energy in the room and how much everyone put into their individual performances.” Amritpal Singh ‘17, who portrayed the titular character from Macbeth, also states, The feeling once you finish is the best. Honestly it just comes to you automatically once you get up there.” When asked about her preparation for the competition, Emily Friedman ‘20 stated, “I had to do a monologue for English that was four lines longer than this one and I fell to the ground when I finished. Since the monologue for this competition was only twenty lines, I definitely felt really relieved.”

Thank you to Mr. Clarke and Ms. Bonilla for coordinating this contest for the students, and thank you to Mr. Ree, Ms. Massie, Ms. Goodrum, and Mr. Rabot for judging. Also, congratulations to Jacob Apterbach ‘17, who portrayed Shylock from The Merchant of Venice, for placing first place in the competition and moving on to perform his monologue at Lincoln Center for the Borough Finals! He states, “It was awesome I really kinda didn’t expect it, everyone did so well. It was an amazing experience.”

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