Making Waves with the Music Fusionists Club

by Salvatore Viviano ’19

It is important to take interest in all the clubs and other extracurriculars within the walls of our amazing high school. Every year, new clubs are founded, clubs that may very likely appeal to all of our interests. One such club may be the newly founded Brooklyn Tech Fusionists.

The club’s founder, Ritesh Pandohie ‘19, says the club’s mission is to “take music from different ends of the spectrum and fuse them.” Ritesh himself has a very rich musical history. He plays four East Indian instruments, violin, and saxophone. He is also currently learning guitar and piano. In terms of musical interests, Ritesh grew up listening to a lot of Indian film music, otherwise known as Bollywood music. Recently he has taken interest to other kinds of music ranging from classical to hip hop, and will change what he listens to depending on his mood and activities. It is great that the members of the Fusionist club have such a musically inclined President and founder and many club members strive to achieve that kind of musical ability.

The club is currently working on a few projects, one of which is a rendition of “Cold Water” by Justin Bieber and Major Lazer. When asked about fulfilling his initial mission he thinks “they are doing [fine], but there is always room for improvement.” The club has many dedicated members who play many instruments including the modern clarinet to the Tabla (a traditional Indian percussion instrument). As for instrumentalists, Ritesh hopes that “someone walks in and says they play the shamisen, a three stringed Japanese instrument (similar to the banjo).”

Music brings people together and raises interest in other cultures. Brooklyn Tech is safely one of the most diverse high schools in New York city, full of talented musicians that play all styles. The fact that Brooklyn Tech has a club such as the Fusionists really serves as a testament to its high degree of tolerance and acceptance, as well as students’ interests.

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