College Applications Process

By Alex Chan ’18

College applications seem so far off, but in just a few months, the college application season will begin and you will get overwhelmed with work. Each college requires its own application. While you fill out applications to different schools, you will realize each school wants to see different aspects of you. Essentially, you are trying to put your best foot forward to different colleges in hopes that the information that you provide will attract colleges to want you in their institution. But all of this can be planned out beforehand. It is smart to do prepare for the college applications process so that you are not crammed for time at the beginning of senior year.

“You should probably aim towards getting all the necessary documentation and standardized testing scores into your schools as soon as possible. Get any necessary tax documents ready around the beginning of the senior school year, filling out financial aid docs is a tedious process for those applying to private schools, if you live with a single parent they ask for a separate non custodial parent form that makes you pay a fee to fill out. Do not use fee waivers you are not eligible for as colleges will receive your financial information and will notice that your use of the fee waiver illegal. This may get you into serious problems involving more than just applying to college.” Jair Linkedin ‘17

Most of the people reading this particular article are juniors in high school or younger. In that case, you should be focusing on your grades for now. Grades are especially important at this time because once you ensure your grades and testing scores, you don’t have much that you need to worry about. Studying and paying attention in class will go a long way in your endeavor. Once you have secured your grades, it is then important to focus on documentations. Filling out forms early and getting financial papers will save a ton of time so that during the beginning of senior year, you can focus on writing college essays and getting people to proof-read them. More time can be spent perfecting these essays and even write more if you plan to apply to multiple colleges.

But even before applying to colleges, you should consider the colleges that you wish to attend. There are three types of colleges that are recommended. Your choice of schools to apply to vary upon your resume and grades. The first type of colleges are safety schools. Safety schools that you apply to that you are confident in getting into. As you have a high percentage chance of getting into these schools, these schools will be just in case you do not get into the schools that you wish to get to. The second type of colleges are target schools. Target schools are the schools that you want to get into. The last type of colleges are reach schools. Reach schools are schools that are although above your standards, serve a motivational purpose to push yourself to higher levels so that you can reach your target schools are even better. Get a head start and begin planning what steps you will need to take to receive the acceptances of your top choices.


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