Vacations: We All Need Them

By Alex Chan ‘18

Vacations are something that we all look forward to all year long. Mostly because most of us go to school everyday taking in new material every single day, studying for tests, stressing about an assignment, or somewhere along those lines. However, vacations can also impact our lives negatively, believe it or not.

“Well, I think the idea of vacations is a beauty within itself; it’s a getaway from daily stress. There’s something very magical about a vacation because of it’s ability to literally take you to another world”, noted Patricia Loi ‘18.

Vacations, arguably, can impact on our daily life negatively. In some extreme cases, vacations can affect our mentality. Since the word vacation has a positive connotation, people naturally like the idea of going on  a vacation. For instance, when one actually takes a vacation from all the stress they are dealing with, they feel satisfaction. That brief moment in life, where there is nothing to worry about but your self-satisfaction, is indeed addictive. The addictiveness of going vacation can change our mentality. After experiencing such tranquility and satisfaction, we as human beings instinctively want more of that feeling. However, that causes us to become lazy. The idea of not having to do anything but focus on yourself fuels the laziness that has been manifested from experiencing paradise multiple times. Pushing off work and responsibilities to continue experiencing a stress-free life. This is the new mentality of such person. However, when on has adapted to a new lifestyle, it becomes difficult to escape such a negative feedback loop.

Uganda Gray ‘18 noted, “I believe vacations are a way of getting out there in the world and seeing something new when you have the time to. They allow us to meet new people, try new foods, and gain new experiences that we can learn from or share with others. Vacations are like getaways from reality.”

But this is all far-reached. A possibility of such extreme nature is definitely within the realm of infinite possibility, but negligible in that it only affects a small population. As stated before, the idea of a vacation in of itself is a splendid idea indeed. It allows us to escape the stress that we experience daily. In a way, it’s like sleeping. After a long day of work or school, people can be mentally or physically exhausted. In some cases, even both. After the daily routine at home, we all head to bed to regenerate energy to prepare for another day. Similarly, after an extended  period of work or school, taking a vacation is an excellent way to relieve stress on our minds and bodies. That way, when we return from vacation, we are thoroughly refreshed and ready to begin work or school again.

Denise Itzel ‘18 said,I feel like having vacations during the school year is very important because sometimes work and activities may be overwhelming and so having a break helps students to catch up on school work and personal interests.”

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