Holly Jolly Winter Choral Concert

by Ayan Rahman ‘20

Brooklyn Tech’s annual Winter Choral Concert was an absolutely amazing show that captured the essence of the holiday season. The concert did a fabulous job of infusing all cultures and traditions into one whole show, which ultimately got everyone into the festive mood. Kudos to the new Choral director, Ms. Revi, whose amazing hard work shone through with every performance, from the beginner choir singing, “Funga Alafia” to the very finale where the choir beautifully hummed “Humming Chorus” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. And, of course, the work done by all of the wonderful and talented singers of all the performing groups was equally as extraordinary.

All of the performing groups sang gracefully in mature and sophisticated tones, although the lively factor may have lacked in some parts of the show. Quite a few choruses sang songs from very entertaining movies/plays. Songs such as, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” surely brought smiles to many faces as it was from a movie that many kids recall from their childhoods. The sophisticated songs, however, could definitely be considered the highlights of the show. Songs with intricate music such as “The Chain” sang by the Women’s Chorus and “Ose Shalom” by the Chamber Chorus really exemplified this aspect of the show.

As always, the music department put on a terrific show. The Choral Concert in specific truly was a show that could not have been missed. There will definitely be more shows like this put on in the Spring. If you would like to watch parts of this particular show, you can watch videos on the BTHS TRI-M YouTube channel. See you at the next concert!

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