Not My President

by Jasmine Vohra and Heyam Muflahi

Our nation began one of the most hectic of its recent years with a theme of diversity, inclusion and empowerment in the air.

The LGBTQ+ community had entered its sixth month of marriage equality, and hadn’t ceased celebrating the right to be unapologetically queer. Our social medias were infused with uproar from the Black Lives Matter movement, as more and more people demanded that we all take a long, hard look at our flawed and oppressive system and make a drastic change. Intersectional feminism had taken great strides and became included in the personal identities of many.

In the past year, the foundation of these powerful movements were significantly contradicted by the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Those who preach hatred were given a voice and had their ideals amplified by this man, which has only led to greater hostility, violence, and danger for the minorities in this country.

  First and foremost, Trump’s presidency was not, and is not, a reflection on democracy. The majority of our country cast their ballots in favor of Clinton, while assuming that their vote would count as just that—a vote. In truth, while Clinton gained the popular vote, the election was unjustly handed to the most unqualified man for the position. As Donald Trump has said himself a mere four years ago, “the electoral college is a disaster for democracy!” Many Americans have taken to the streets to begin protesting this flawed system and the idea of placing their future in the hands of Trump.

  Trump supporters often treat racism as a minor character flaw of his, while being ignorant of the fact that they have paved the way for the systematic oppression already prevalent in our country to become emboldened. Being exposed to his racist agenda will only increase the senseless violence and hate that has afflicted this country. In the past week alone, several instances have given us insight to what a Trump presidency could mean for minorities—day one in Trump’s America was filled with harassment in the streets, certain children being targeted in schools, people being afraid to express their faith for fear of backlash, etc.

  With several rape accusations (including those of his ex-wife, and of a 13-year-old child) and lewd comments circulating in the media, Trump and his view of women is the true embodiment of patriarchy. Trump’s toxic flow of misogyny includes instances in which he referred to the former Miss Universe as ‘Miss Piggy’ in reference to her weight and ‘Miss Housekeeping’ in reference to her being Latina, stated that Clinton was repulsive for simply going to the bathroom, Clinton doesn’t have a “presidential look”, Ghazala Khan was most likely prohibited to speak because she was a Muslim woman, sexual assault is expected when women are in the military, giving your wife “negotiable assets” is a mistake, a woman must be “hot” in order to be a journalist, pumping breast milk is disgusting—the list goes on.

 It has to cross one’s mind that by being the president, Trump will be able to make extremely important decisions on behalf of the United States. One of these decisions would be whether our country should use nuclear weapons or not. Do we want this man to be in control of our nuclear weapons? Trump, who is arguably notorious for his short temperament is not someone we should trust with a decision as significant as nuclear weapons.

  If Donald Trump is incapable of accepting women’s’ rights to their own bodies, and looking past bigoted stereotypes, how can we expect him to have all of our best interests in mind throughout his presidency?


  1. Can we get some sources, not just ranting. If you will make accusations, at-least back them up. Maybe it is just the Lib media that instigates itself, but Trump never said half of that, it was just made up. For example, the stuff about Ms Piggy was made up by Clinton camp to attack Trump, since they have so little to attack him with, other than ‘claims.’

    I’ll tell you who is being targeted in schools: Trump Supporters. If you go to BTHS and are a Trump supporter, you will be attacked. You guys want equality, yet you go out and attack those who don’t think alike. Such hypocrites, such irony. BLM encourages Libs to attack Trump supporters, even though that is unconstitutional and should be jail time. But instead, people get triggered and make claims to defend themselves from facing reality.

    This country needs a draft.
    -A Ex Staff Sgt. [Mother of BTHS student[.

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