Had Some Chemistry Jokes, But They Argon! – The Science Olympiad

by Saurabh Bansal ’18

What is Science Olympiad? Some will think, “Oh that’s just another club,” but do they know that Science Olympiad meets every Friday, most Saturdays, and almost every holiday off from school between September and March?

This is no ordinary club. Members work exceptionally hard to prepare for various competitions: the invitationals in December, the official Regional competition on the first Saturday of February, and if they advance, the State-wide competition on the second Saturday of March. Sometimes team members come in during the week to work on the competition events. Competitions are organized into approximately 26 events for a team 15 people and each event requires 2-3 people to cover. They take written tests, build, and working with their partners, present to judges. 

What draws people to Science Olympiad, Doruntina Fida ’17 said, is that “Partners know each other’s weaknesses and strengths, and teammates sacrifice their time and energy to help make Science Olympiad a successful organization”. Through these experiences she got to “know each of her teammates” where she considers each of them her best friends.

Others find connection in the Olympiad as an extension of the STEM courses taken in Tech. “SciOly is a way to meet new people and a great way to apply what I learn in the many classes I take” said Kyle Tung ’17. “I really like the build events as they are my knowledge applied.”

Some are so involved that picking out parts of the experience is simply inconceivable. Christina Nguyen ’18 said “I love Science Olympiad very much and I cannot just choose a favorite part. I am privileged to work with and the support we give each other. I’m always learning something new, whether if it involves aerodynamics or learning how to use power tools.”

SciOly seems like a small club, but seeing how hard members work and how colleges view Olympiad members, it makes perfect sense. This team is important to Tech’s model as a STEM school in the community at large. The recognition they receive pales in comparison to the countless hours they dedicate to their tightly knit group.

If you’re interested in joining the Science Olympiad, email bthsscienceolympiad@gmail.com for more info.

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