Can Planning Be a Lifesaver?

By Alex Chan ‘18

Photographed by Jasmin Wang ’17

Planning can be troublesome, which is why we tend to place our work on our friends to take care of it. Most often times, the rest of the group relaxes and blames the person in charge, if anything goes wrong. But we never give credit to the people who do the planning. We take it for granted and do not realize how tough it can be if people do not plan ahead of time.

Vincent Zheng ’18 noted,“Planning is a good thing because if you aren’t prepared or you didn’t plan for the future you would be forced to do things in an anxious manner. For example if you didn’t prepare for a project that is due you’d be doing a sloppy job on it.”

One common example of strategic planning is the college application process. Most of the time, juniors tend to start thinking about college. They start looking for possible colleges that they could apply to, and plan out how to become the best candidate for college. In doing so, they have an organized schedule for doing everything and make sure that nothing is pushed towards the end. However, without planning, students would not know when to start their college application process and would continue to procrastinate. Little do they know, the deadline is closing in as none of their work has been done yet. In the last month of college applications, they struck by the harsh realization that there is too much to accomplish, in such a short amount of time. They rush their college applications, making mistakes without noticing, rush their essay, only to have it completed at a sub-par level compared to if they were to complete it in an organized fashion, and apply to only a limited amount of schools due to a shortage of time.

“Planning is an important skill in life because you can manage your time. Planning out your schedules and goals will give you an advantage of completing them quicker, so you don’t waste time figuring out what you need to do next”, said Alexis Tsang ‘18.

Now imagine a world where planning never existed. Everything would be chaotic as nothing in society would have a basis for a proper functional city. Thinking about it now, city project works won’t have a specified completion deadline. The technology that we have today would never have existed if people never took the initiative to plan ahead and give everyone specified tasks to complete within a given time span. Although this is hard to wrap our heads around this idea, it is because we live in a society where planning and preparation are key that we don’t have to worry about these kind of things.

Jason Sze ’17 mentioned, “Ultimately you must focus on what’s in front of you. Spontaneity is key because you are only going to feel a type of way in any given instant. You act based on that intant to fulfill that feeling. You just try to make everyday as great as possible so that when you look back you can say “I lived a good one.”

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