Brooklyn Tech Presents: Exit the Body

RKim ’17

Set in the 1970s, Brooklyn Tech’s most recent production, Exit the Body, definitely raised many eyebrows and induced bursts of laughter every so often by the audience through its witty script and convincing acting. Based on the book written by Fred Carmichael, the Tech cast and stage production crew truly portrayed this comedic mystery to its finest.

The play begins when a notable mystery writer named Crane Hammond (Jamila Morrison) rents out a cottage for a peaceful vacation she plans to have. Throughout the trip, however, strange occurrences keep happening to Hammond as she occupies this home. Some of which includes seeing bodies hanging in the closet next to the library in the home, mix-ups with the police, and somehow ending up with two husbands. The play continues on to the story of numerous couples, unknown to one another, all in search for jewels that are supposedly hidden somewhere inside the house. The hectic and confusing occurrences just don’t seem to end throughout this desired relaxing vacation trip.

The play possessed a comedic feel with casual jokes that surely captured the interest of the audience. With all the commotion between the characters and overall wild storyline, it wasn’t hard for people to feel engaged in the acting that was being shown. The beautifully made set and corresponding outfits also played a key role in emphasizing the play’s 1970s ambiance and theme.  

Congratulations to the amazing cast who worked hard to put on Exit the Body and made watching the play worthwhile! In order of appearance:  


Rosa Sicks as Lillian

Maeve Hogan as Jenny

Martin Richards as Randolph

Shequana Courtney as Helen

Zaria Alexander as Kate

Jamila Morrison as Crane

Nicholas Riccio as Vernon

David Rosa as Lyle

Luke Beaver as Phillip

Darren Valdera as Richard

David Rosa ’17, who plays Lyle, shares his thoughts on the play:

“I honestly really enjoyed it and I thought we had a really strong cast. Everyone worked really hard and I think we did really well. I am happy that I ended off my senior year with this play. I’d like to thank everyone for making this possible.”  

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