America’s America is Changing

By Mohamad Amin

The only state to have its own electricity grid, the only state to join by treaty, and possibly the best representation of America within America, has some demographic trends that will make any downtrodden Democrat quite happy. Of course I am talking about Texas, which much like America, went Republican this election cycle.

This election had a relatively low turnout rates, 58% versus 62% in 2012 and 60% in 2008, and Democrats tend to do better when turnouts are higher. Hillary Clinton only lost Texas by 9% as compared to Obama who lost Texas by 16%. Hillary Clinton managed to lose Pennsylvania which had not gone Republican since 1988, Michigan which had not gone Republican since 1988, even Wisconsin which had not gone Republican since 1984, and nearly lost Minnesota, the only state that wasn’t Republican in 1984. Yet in an election filled with Democratic despair, the demographics trends of the second largest state, population wise and geographically, in our union may serve as a beacon of hope.

Texas currently has one of the highest population growth rates in the United States, second only to North Dakota and ahead of every other major state and enjoys urbanization rates that rival our own New York. This population growth is fueled by a variety of factors. The cities of Texas are booming and attract vast swathes of young people looking to start their careers, There is a good chance a bunch of Tech graduates will see themselves in Texas has become a destination for immigrants, one that can rival New York and California, and Texas just enjoys the American demographic trend of moving to the South. Irrespective of the reasons, people are moving to Texas and these people tend to vote Democrats. Movement isn’t the only trend that is affecting Texas. Hispanics are a third of Texas’s population currently, and that number looks like it will only rise in the coming years. Texas’s population is growing, and it’s growing due to three largely Democratic groups.

Texas has thirty-eight electoral votes and that number will only rise with the states astronomical population growth. If Texas had gone Democratic this election, Hillary Clinton would be our President-Elect.

A Democratic Texas would mean the three largest states in the Union would be Democratic, getting any Democrat candidate over 100 electoral votes. If the demographic movement and electoral trends we see continue, Texas could very well become a blue state very soon. Maybe in 2018 we could get the Zodiac Killer fired.

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  1. Why don’t you encourage freedom of thought as opposed to trying to force Trump being evil and Clinton being good. It isn’t one-sided.

    Also get over it, she lost fair-and-square.

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