Why We Wear Makeup

By Jasmine Vohra, and  Heyam Muflahi

Many people take part in wearing makeup in their everyday lives, for multiple reasons. Most makeup wearers have, at some point, been advised to not wear too much makeup because “you’re not a clown” or “people prefer if you look more natural.” But is it really anyone else’s concern what makeup wearers decide to incorporate into their looks?

Our patriarchal society has ingrained into many of our minds that whatever women do must somehow be related to the interests of men. On the contrary, when we wake up in the morning and approach our makeup collection, the majority of us don’t consider what men will think about our appearances. We examine the colorful eyeshadow, the bright lipsticks, and the bold liquid eyeliner, and we find our first opportunity of the day to be creative.

The primary reason most of us experiment with makeup is simply because it’s fun. Applying makeup in the morning is relaxing for many of us, and inventing new looks and watching yourself transform is something that we all embrace. Makeup can also help show the world the kind of person you are, without uttering a word; it’s a way to simultaneously be true to yourself while also escaping your comfort zone. Chances are, the woman you see walking down the street with bright purple eyeshadow is aware that not everyone will appreciate her look, but she woke up feeling bold and vibrant and decided to express herself through her makeup choices.

Experimenting with makeup, being inspired by the smallest and largest things in life, and using your face as a canvas is what makeup is about for many people. Makeup is often only associated with red lipstick and mascara going exactly where they’re meant to go, but in reality, it has no boundaries. Using the social media platform, especially over the past few years, makeup has evolved to be a very prominent art medium. Makeup artists such as James Charles (pictured above) inspire large groups of teens to think of makeup as an easy opportunity to be creative.

        17 year old James Charles began his dream of becoming a makeup artist through Youtube. Although that did not hit off as expected, he did not give up. Instead he created an Instagram account where he was able to acquire more than 400,000 followers. He is known for his dynamic looks: some being his pixellated lips or galaxy looks. Charles is able to portray himself as he chooses to, which is appreciated by his 400k+ followers. Just recently, Charles reached a huge milestone in his career. He was announced CoverGirl’s first ever male CoverGirl. This accomplishment will most definitely skyrocket his career, as he will continue to be noticed by social media.

Along with successfully being able to flourish his inner creativity and show who he truly is to the world, Charles is able to encourage others to do the same. As mentioned, many people are criticized for their makeup. If they see a figure like Charles who is being praised due to it, this may make them realize that they should do things for themselves and not for others. Furthermore, especially since Charles is a male it shows that anyone of any gender can accomplish what they wish to. The world is becoming more accepting of everyone, which means anyone regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation can do what they put their mind to.

Makeup should not be associated with low self-esteem or an unattractive face. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, and what they put on their face or wear should not impact you in any way, for it is something the person chose to do themselves. By expressing your artistic views and creativity, makeup is similar to any other piece of art such as a painting or picture. Negative connotations that come with the word ‘makeup’ must fade away.

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