This Isn’t Acting… Or Is It?

This Isn’t Acting… Or Is It?

Kazi Hossain ’20 Mystery and pop meet once again… but in the form of a wig and high octaves? On October 21st, pop sensation Sia released a follow-up to her highly critically acclaimed album, This Is Acting. The original album, which soared through the Billboard charts, earned her major success, as she even earned the title of, “Most Streamed Song Ever.” This follow-up, named, This Is Acting Deluxe Edition, includes three new songs, three previously released tracks, one remix, and a ton of other songs featured in its original January 2016 debut. All tracks off this album were originally rejected by pop-culture goddesses, such as Rihanna and Adele. Since these masterpieces would be put into waste otherwise, Sia cleverly put herself in a wig, covered her face, and released some of the instant gold hits. The new tracks presented on the deluxe edition seem to be a continuation of her genius: soothing melodies, catchy beats, and an overall sensation that your whole life has been a lie – but was it truly acting? Three previously released tracks were all presented, being either extended versions of songs, such as “Cheap Thrills (ft. Sean Paul)”, or singles to promote the deluxe edition (“The Greatest”). “I found lipstick on your collar, it wasn’t my color” the forty-year old chart topper sings in “Confetti,” one of the new tracks released recently.. As the new tracks mix in with the old songs, (which feature more tunes and hits) a perfect blend of mystery, love, and culture are put into play to create one thing – an instant classic. But it wasn’t all about the songs; Teen dancer Maddie Ziegler (who was featured in Sia’s greatest hit to date, “Chandelier”) came back for another run on the music video of “The Greatest”, soaring both her and Sia into the glamorous life once again. As she is an important figure in both Sia’s life and dance culture, her face is presented in the deluxe edition of the album. Other collaborations on this compilation include rapper Kendrick Lamar, along with artist Sean Paul. As Sia presents herself in a brand-new way, she’s finally found the light of day, receiving her first number one hit. Being in the music industry for twenty-four years, it is absolutely true that she is both aninspiration and a hard-worker. If she can go more than two decades without a hit, and then finally receive one, you can finish that essay in a snap! As far as promotion goes, the lead single for the deluxe album was played live for the first time at Apple’s September 2016 Keynote, where the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 were first presented to the public. From then on, charts were climbed, connections were made, and songs were accepted to form what is a five-star hit today: This Is Acting Deluxe Edition. So, have a great day, and remember: it’s not just about the acting– it’s about the effort as well.

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  1. Anonymous   November 22, 2016 at 7:10 PM

    This was so informative and relatable. It’s awesome to have a section about music.


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