Faculty Alumni: Mr. Orna ’93

by Salvatore Viviano ’19

Being a student at a specialized high school can be a stressful experience. Lots of AP classes, heavy workloads and the pressure to perform can leave many feeling stressed out and exhausted. However, you may be interested to find that some of our teachers have been through this very experience, in this very building.

Teacher Alums are relatively few for most school days, but there are more of them than one might expect. One such alum is Mr. Orna, who currently teaches Geometry and Pre-Calculus.

Mr. Orna started out at Tech as an incoming sophomore in 1991. He once also lived the life of an average Brooklyn Tech student. His favorite subject was, surprisingly, English and his least favorite subject was French. While here he thoroughly enjoyed lunch: his “most enjoyable academic experience.” In addition, was a member of the Cultural Music Appreciation club (or C-MAC).

“Being a student here enhances my teaching.”, he said. “ I can relate to the students in a way others cannot. I have walked in their shoes. I know how excited they were when they got in, I know how excited they will be when they leave. I know that Tech will set them up for the rest of their life.”

One piece of advice that Mr. Orna  wished he received is “The friendships you make here last a lifetime, cherish them.”

Mr. Orna, like the other alums who are regulars or visit on special occasions, strengthen community in Tech. The fact that alumni are returning to Tech after graduation to educate the next generation of Technites is heartwarming and a true testament to this school’s ability to create competent professionals that exert such a powerful influence on the world.

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