“Pixie Forest”: An Enchanting Art Exhibit

RKim’17 Entrancing viewers with both sensual and visual wonder, Pipilotti Rist introduces her “curiosity of physical and psychological experiences” through her new exhibit, “Pixie Forest.”
“Pixie Forest,” is spread out within three floors at the New Museum. The first floor consists of videos of random animals, objects, and images which are projected onto white silhouettes that are hung from the ceiling. The next floor, seemingly the most popular, displays numerous lights spaced out all throughout the room. As the lights change to various colors, the “Pixie Forest” comes alive for everyone in the room. The next and last floor is simply a room full of beds, some being big enough for one person while others can hold up to three or four. As odd as it sounds, viewers are set to lay on these beds and view the collage of random colors, shapes, and objects that are projected onto the ceilings of the exhibit.

The exhibit may be simple but it is very easy to spend hours lost in the art around you in this particular showing. What makes it interesting is that each floor also contains a resting area, in a sense, where large, circular pillows are laid on the floor for viewers to lay on and continue watching the visuals that are projected on the walls. Regardless of if one is a fan of art, viewers can simply come to this exhibit just to relax for a couple of minutes in an environment that is new and different to them. With the constant blaring of slow yet impactful music, the entire exhibit has a calm ambiance behind it, making it unique and worthwhile of your visit.

Where: New Museum (235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002)

When: October 26th, 2016 – January 15th, 2017


General                        $16
Seniors                         $14
Students                       $10
Members                     Free
Ages 18 and Under     Free

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