Eyewitness: A Groundbreaking New Series

ASeepersaud’20 A couple of weeks ago, USA Network came out with a new anthology series based off of a Norwegian series, Øyevitine. This American adaptation of the series is known as Eyewitness. The show is an American drama; it is a thriller full of mystery and angst. When sharing a romantic moment in a cabin they presumed to be empty, two teenage boys, Lukas and Philip, witness a triple homicide. In fear of their relationship being revealed, the couple decide to keep what they witnessed a secret. They keep this secret from everybody, including Philip’s foster mother, Helen, the sheriff of the town, who is intent on solving the case. Meanwhile, the murderer is loose, determined to cover his tracks.

Eyewitness is a show worth your time. It features several complex, realistic, and well-developed characters. It also breaks several stereotypes commonly depicted on television and media in general. For starters, the main characters of the show are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. You hardly see LGBTQ+ characters on television, let alone as the main characters. These characters display real and common problems that many members of the community face. Lukas, in particular has a constant struggle with himself. He fears the judgement of his family and friends for liking Philip the way he does.

The show also contains several strong female characters. The female characters on the show are just as developed and complex as the male characters. They have their own struggles with themselves and their family/friends alike. Helen is an example of this. She has an intriguing backstory that is slowly unraveled as the series progresses. There is more to her than meets the eye.

Another component of the series that makes it so unique is that it challenges gender roles. In fact, it seems to swap the traditional gender roles with its characters. Stereotypically, women are usually depicted as sensitive and more empathetic than men, whereas men are depicted as less sensitive and very out of touch with their emotions. However, on Eyewitness, these gender stereotypes seem to be switched between Helen and her husband, Gabe. Gabe tends to be more understanding, and more open-minded about what people are going through. Meanwhile, Helen struggles to trust others and quickly jumps to conclusions.

Eyewitness brings a whole new dynamic to television. Whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, are a feminist, need a show to make you smile, or all of the above, this series will be sure to inspire.

“So, I was like shook, okay. It’s really unique, and there are so many plot twists. But, it just flows so well. It’s the perfect show.” Aravdeep Kaur tells me, her eyes alight with excitement as we discuss the show. “Whenever I feel depressed or sad, the show makes me smile. The show makes me forget my problems.”

Eyewitness is a groundbreaking masterpiece. It will change your perspective on several things and it will take you on one very long emotional roller coaster. It is certainly a show worth watching. If you like shows with a lot of drama and suspense, I strongly recommend tuning in to USA Network every Sunday at 10/9c.

Don’t worry if you’re not up to date. You can easily catch up to speed with all the episodes at usanetwork.com!

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  1. I love Eyewitness. This show is the best thing that happened in 2016

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