Career Day 2016

by Saurabh Bansal ’18

Graduates visited classes and gave advice and insight on life expectations yet again as part of Tech’s Career Day tradition. Many of them went to specific majors to talk about their related professions. This day is to help students understand some of the many opportunities offered to them in the future. Alumni Keeth Smart ’96 is a motivational speaker, business executive, mentor and Olympic Silver Medalist. Keeth discussed some important aspects of his life: training for the Olympics, teamwork, optimism, goal setting and persistence. Many others were from different job backgrounds such as an engineer at ConEdison, a professor of geology, and a physician assistant.

Sameera Owishee ’18 met physician assistants (PAs) who talked about the benefits of becoming a PA instead of a doctor. “[Being a PA is] basically a doctor without going through medical school and working in a specific field” Sameera said, adding that there may be a potential downside. “The only exception is you have to work under a doctor’s supervision. You [still] have all the same like authorities as the doctor when it comes to patients, prescribing medicine and ordering tests. Plus, it’s only 3 years of school. You get 90k yearly and you work for only 6 days in 2 weeks.”

The alumni also gave advice about everyday life. Vicllie Chueng ’18 had a geology professor visit her class. She pointed out how the visitors made her want to treasure the next 2 years that she has left in Tech. She also said that they gave her insight on multiple opportunities that geology offers.“It was an amazing day and I hope to have more like them.”

Although Career Day has a good consensus among most in Tech, a few have suggestions. Rafia Islam ’18 suggests a solution: “Create a day like the club fair and let the students choose who they want to meet. It should be optional for freshman and sophomores and mandatory for juniors and seniors. Juniors and seniors will be choosing colleges soon so would have an idea with what they want to do.” She added that the alumni should “give out their business cards so that in the future students can use these connections to get a job and succeed in life.”

Even if there were slight mishaps in the day, the Student Council and the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation, as always, did an outstanding job organizing Career Day. Many students look forward to it, not only to sleep in class but to learn about the amazing careers that are possible in near future.   

Photos from the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation’s flickr page.
To see the full Career Day 2016 album, courtesy of the foundation, click here.

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