Should The Music Programs At BTHS Be Expanded?

Should The Music Programs At BTHS Be Expanded?

by David Hsu

The music programs in our country are very few and far between. Many schools across the United States don’t bother or don’t have the budget to make a music program for their young, bright future adults of the world. Brooklyn Tech, however, because it is a very large school, does have a large music program for its child prodigies (some more prodigious than others), in the choirs, bands, and orchestras. This leads to another question: should Brooklyn Tech feel lucky to have a music program at all, or should it look to expand the music program’s horizon farther out west?

In my opinion, Brooklyn Tech spending more money to teach the ways of vocal sounds and instruments would be music to my ears. With almost six thousand intelligent students, carefully and precisely selected from one of the largest cities in the world, there are many potential musical geniuses waiting for their chance to shine at a subject not many other kids at other schools would even dream about taking.

Chances are that there are kids, like me, who came into Brooklyn Tech already knowing a lot about the field of music. There is also a chance that there are kids who want to learn music or didn’t know that they could be masters at music, but never had the opportunity to learn music. With the very few spots (in proportion to the number of kids in the school) that Brooklyn Tech opens up to students for learning music, many kids won’t be able to roll the dice and get a chance to show their true potential. This is not fair to the students and the students are being deprived of an education that is diverse, life changing, and meaningful.

Many kids spend hours upon hours in school and at home studying for the SATs or learning how to find the derivative of a curve or creating a portal to another dimension, but miss the experience of actually jumping to another dimension where they are able to relax, enjoy the sounds that those hours of studying makes, make new friends, and diversify their lives in ways that only jumping to an alternate dimension can do. I find that if I am stuck on a problem that I cannot fix, doing something as simple as taking a step back, relaxing, and refocusing my attention on something else, music in particular, can help ease my brain and actually help me fix the original problem that I had faced.

All in all, many kids lose the chance to learn or continue a practice that could change their lives because the music department in Brooklyn Tech is severely underfunded and does not reach out to as many of our talented students as it should. One of the ways to fix this problem is spreading awareness and, hopefully, the music department in Brooklyn Tech can expand.

2 Responses to "Should The Music Programs At BTHS Be Expanded?"

  1. You know who   June 11, 2017 at 11:44 PM

    Nice work gan dan gan.

  2. David Hsu   June 11, 2017 at 11:39 PM

    Nice work, self! It is only a shame that the music program has only shrunk and deteriorated since the publication of this article!


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