A Look At Broadway

By: David Rosa Every week the lights come up on the audience, the shows play out and then the lights go down again. This year, though, seems to be the end of those lights going up for a lot of shows on Broadway. Long running shows like Matilda: The Musical, Jersey Boys, and Something Rotten! are opening their doors for the last time in early 2017. Many of these shows have been very popular and critically acclaimed, making them last on Broadway for years and years. So why would these shows be closing if they’re so popular?
     Well, in the case of Matilda: The Musical, the show hasn’t seen the profits investors have been looking for. In fact, reports say that Matilda lagged far behind many other Broadway hits, even losing a Tony Award to its rival nominee, Kinky Boots. The story of Jersey Boys and Something Rotten! are quite the opposite though. Jersey Boys had a very steady stream of viewers and became of one Broadway’s top musicals. It spawned off various other projects including a movie adaptation. The show has picked up 4 Tony Awards during its 11 years on Broadway. However, it was the producers’ call to halt production of the show. Something Rotten!, on the other hand, is ending its run on the NYC stage to travel across the country and perform in various cities. Although  Jersey Boys and Something Rotten! have happier exits, plays on Broadway will often fall victim to the same problems Matilda has had – not getting enough viewers and revenue. And even though these shows will be missed by those who loved watching it, these changes do leave space for new and amazing shows to take their place, keeping the Broadway vibrancy alive!

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